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How to control the quality of laser welding machine to precision laser]
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How to control the quality of laser welding machine to precision laser] with the development of laser welding technology, laser welding machine technology is mature, the application of industry constantly grow. However, in the actual production in the process of welding, also can produce all kinds of problems because of various reasons. Therefore, how to control the occurrence of these problems, how to solve the quality problems, has become the most main in the process of production and processing.

First of all, a comparison in the welding effect, can meet this laser welding machine equipment, can achieve the result that is, therefore, in this regard, the staff should be according to the technical parameters of laser welding machine, an analysis and discussion can be processed and cannot be processed products.

Second, for processing products, according to the welding phenomenon reason analysis. In general, a processing effect is bad, two kinds of reason, processing materials, using laser welding data acquisition of more material can effectively solve this kind of problem. Second, the technical parameter setting, need according to the welding products, for the same parts of a continuous testing, according to the present continuously welding result carried on the discussion, may be working mesa, or configuration problems, such as this work mode can effectively screen out the ability of laser welding machine control, with stable properties.

Finally, according to strengthen to ensure welding quality management. For laser welding machine for welding test, regardless of the laser welding machine itself movement caused by a series of fault, this way can effectively control due to problems such as laser welding machine performance is bad, cause of failure.

Comprehensive the above situation, found that no matter from which aspects of the problems can be solved, good grasp of the above situation can effectively control the quality of the laser welding machine in processed products, processing, or processing results, can be effectively controlled, for businesses to save material, create more value.

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