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Numerical control word machine is newest technical specifications
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See my collection of useful + 13 July CNC compound word machine editor Directory 1 development present situation

2 summarizes

3 technical advantages

4 choose

5 technical characteristics

1 development editor for processing a variety of materials (stainless steel, iron, aluminum, aluminum sideband) and does not destroy the beautiful material processing of high precision, fast speed. The thickness of the adjustment of edge and cutting tool adjusting all adopt the one-click handwheel adjustment, more convenient, more quickly. Company with perfect technology, first-class quality, and better performance of lead in domestic counterparts, walk in the forefront of the industry, become the domestic nc machine around one of the most powerful manufacturers in the industry.

2 summarized editing nc machine around also is a kind of bending machine, also called bending machine, advertising dedicated, common is numerical control type, the same time slot function, and the input text program after complete, integrated basic for horizontal model for outsourcing metal luminous word contour automatic bending forming of advertising equipment automation. Advertising, metal luminous word literally treatment mainly by carving machine or plasma cutting machine, with the rapid development of the advertising industry, advertising literally treatment equipment has entered the mature period.

Metal of luminous mainly includes iron words, stainless steel, aluminum, words, etc.

The main parts include: feeding, grooving, bending, cutting, etc. The main materials used are stainless steel belt, aluminum coil, special aluminum extrusions, sheet metal rolls, etc.

Transporting materials through feeding device of the specified distance for slot, respectively, after bending, cutting operations, and then repeat this step, until fully integrated.

CNC compound word machine, broke the pattern of traditional advertising, on the choice of materials have a broader space, for the traditional manual craft can't involve materials processing, such as the thickness of 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm stainless steel, compound word machine through the automatic feed, automatic slot, automatic bending process, such as easy processing. Of course, for ordinary iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet and aluminum compound word machine also can perfect.

1 3 technology advantages of editing, composition of feed unit driven by a guide wheel, roller, drive roller rotation moves sideband.

2, Angle device, adopting the slotting Angle, the Angle of the fold the foot edge Angle.

3, curved arc device, the principle of plate bending rolls, just according to the program control, servo motor and drive for a can finish sideband bending, bending the arc smooth and beautiful.

4, ZhengLiao device (unique) equipment, new ZhengLiao device can in sheet metal cutting, material level processing, thus ensure the cutting depth is unified, curved smooth and beautiful.

4 choose to edit, the rationality of the machine safety design:

1, the machine is not lower than IP55 protection class IP value of (note: cannot invade the equipment inside, see the related national standards.)

2, production module is no connectors, direct copper plating with activated carbon after soldering tin wire connection weld.

3, made all the man-made agate closed hollow three-dimensional light-emitting word, isolated from contact with air.

Second, the rationality of the design of the machine rigidity:

1, the arc bending rigidity: can stop in a state of swing with the hand curved arc to see if there is a gap, swing

Part 2, font strokes, overall suddenly is not bright, or when light when the dawn

3, fonts bigger output power, save electric energy saving is not obvious.

4, rigidity of stepping motor: due to the motion, the motor is inevitable existence of inertia in work. Due to inertia in the process of start and stop to produce vibration, will affect the machining precision and service life of the machine. So should try to use small inertial stepping motor (known as the motor, the greater the inertia, the greater the motor is smaller, the smaller the inertia). But small motor torque is small, so small motor with reducer for the optimal design scheme. (note: the reducer can improve the torque, and can improve the precision, for details please see the profile of the reducer)

Three, software design of the machine:

First as our communication, human and machine interface, wording, it must be easy to learn, easy to import, font need to change the node of efficient and fast software; In addition also must satisfy the following accuracy control is qualified nc operating software.

1, curved arc accuracy control in 0.01 degrees. Authentication methods: you can be in manual window is set to 0.01, in the hand points to move. At this point your mobile distance is in the information processing of 0.01.

2, uneven color, color difference obvious: mainly made in pure white leds on large luminous word. As a single module assembly is not obvious, after complete assembly, the font color is clearly shown, the literal, like maps, a piece of white and a blue, a yellow.

3, integral part of the stroke and font suddenly not bright or when light when the dawn: light-emitting character in use after a period of time the local or the whole font light flashing, when light when the dawn began to appear, until completely not bright.

4, fonts bigger output power, save electric energy saving is not obvious.

Four, software and hardware with the precision of the equipment:

1, let the machine manually feed 1000 mm (2000 mm), in the view is in line with the processing of information data, the actual measured with a ruler was sent to find out whether the size of the material, one to one is qualified (although there is a error, when we use tape to measure does not come out)

2, let the machine processing and simple words (not too complicated, otherwise is not convenient to measure), to straighten it and manage level; Measure the length of it is and the one to process information. If one to prove its machines with the hardware and software is qualified.

5 technical features editor 1, automatic feed, automatic open Angle (45 ° ~ 135 ° Angle of arbitrary), automatic bending of circular arc. (curved minimum diameter 15 mm)

2, high speed, a molding, without the need for a separate production of acrylic blocks.

3, controlled by step motor, speed, around 30 cm a big "S" with only 44 seconds.

4, profile width: 30 ~ 128 mm.

5, low energy, total power of 3000 w, using power less than 1500 w.

6, can read DXF, various vector files of ai format, match the engraving file.

7, appearance size: 2350 * 850 * 850 mm processing materials: stainless steel, iron, aluminum processing width: 30 mm - 128 - mm thickness processing: stainless steel 304 # 0.8 mm or less/aluminum sheet, 0.4 mm - 0.4 mm

8, special specifications, requirement can be customized.

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