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Shanghai international advertising show on July 3, 2014
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The world's largest advertising logo exhibition event - China association in the field of advertising logo only by UFI international exhibition organizers certification brand exhibition; - 2013 exhibition area of 200000 square meters, is expected to include the Shanghai new international expo center 17 pavilion...

Exhibits range

A, digital ink jet printing technology equipment and materials

* UV flat-panel digital inkjet printing equipment

* UV tablet medium and accessories

* digital solvent spray equipment, photo equipment

* all kinds of digital inkjet printing consumables and components

Second, the printer and consumables

* printer series: stylus printer, laser printer, etc

* print consumables: cartridges, drums, ribbon, carbon powder, ink, etc

Third, digital signage

* digital board, electronic billboards, display and touch screen, interactive touch system

* 3 d display, (hd) Internet advertising machine, LCD advertising machine

* multimedia advertising system, management software

Four, logos, signs equipment and sign

* laser engraving machine, CNC engraving machine

* acrylic equipment and materials

* logo, signage

Five, exhibition display, POP, and commercial facilities

* exhibition display equipment

* commercial space design and decoration materials

* shelves and commodity display case

* business automation technology and equipment

* sales promotion and marketing equipment

Six, new media technology and equipment

* all kinds of portal websites, blogs, etc

* digital TV, IPTV, VOD, mobile streaming media, 3 g era, electronic magazines, etc

* the new media, network media, multimedia advertising design and production technology and equipment, etc

Seven, LED

* LED display

* LED devices, LED advertising light source and application products

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Company Profile
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